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20 Things I Love About Living Sober

For me, living sober has given me space to leave behind things that were holding me back, and move faster towards things I want.

For me, quitting drinking has truly launched me into everything else. It has given me space to leave behind things that were holding me back, and move faster towards things I want.

Here are 20 things I love about being a non-drinker, in no particular order:

  1. No hangovers (this one never gets old).
  2. The peace of mind that comes with being able to help anyone at any time (instead of being passed out).
  3. Knowing I can always safely drive myself wherever I need to go (in other words, I can leave early from any event without waiting on a ride or an Uber).
  4. Having dinners out be at least $10 cheaper because I’m not getting drinks.
  5. Not having to worry about how many drinks I’ve had or should have or will have.
  6. Never waking up at 2 AM with anxiety over what I might have said the previous night.
  7. Never being embarrassed about my actions (ok, never being embarrassed about my drunk actions—sometimes I still act embarrassing…)
  8. Never wasting a day of vacation feeling like garbage from partying the night before.
  9. Seeing how much easier it is to make progress in the areas I want to make progress in.
  10. Much, much lower incidence of craving greasy junk food and McDonalds Cokes.
  11. No more “4th” meals at 1 AM (sorry, Taco Bell).
  12. No more Taco Bell (congratulations, digestive system).
  13. More patience.
  14. More clarity and focus.
  15. More energy.
  16. Less guilt and shame.
  17. No more frustration and despair about why I can’t break the endless cycle of my drinking.
  18. More joy.
  19. More courage.
  20. The knowledge that I’m setting an awesome example for my kids.

If you ever feel like being sober is just something you tolerate, instead of something you love, I’d recommend making a list like this and referring to it over and over and over again.

Still struggling? Make a list like this of how you’ll feel in the future and read it over and over and over again until it’s true. 

Above all, keep going mama!


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