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Author: Brittany Shelton

Brittany Shelton is a person living a sober life. Having spent the better part of her adolescence & young adulthood held captive by polysubstance dependence, depression and trauma related dissociation, she was also comfortable with chaos, loud bars, and abusive men. Brittany fills her empty spontaneous slithers of time in the blogging world; interacting with real people, who just like her, need, appreciate, and value, encouragement and a sense of belonging. Brittany's personal recovery experience has shown her the value and necessity of having support available, and she has dedicated the last nine years of her sober life doing her best to give back in various ways. Today, she is a happily (not perfectly) married wife and a stay-at-home mom to three young boys.

Sobriety is Badass

So I hear that sobriety is badass, and I will humbly agree. Attempting sobriety means that we are openly rebelling against self-destruction.