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Why Join Sober Mommies?

You are a mom in recovery with a dynamic and unique voice. You understand the challenges of balancing parenthood and recovery and are open to growing alongside other women with similar struggles and strengths. You want to share your stories with our community and help educate and empower our readers.

Please ensure you understand our submission Terms and Conditions before submitting content to SoberMommies.com.

Are you ready to become a part of the Sober Mommies movement? Here are a few fun and exciting ways YOU can become a major part of our tribe!

Become a Regular Contributor

Apply to join the Sober Mommies Writers Group if you would like some assistance building your writing career, and to be considered for opportunities to work with our partners. If you are interested in getting your name out there, and building an audience to work with more brands, this opportunity is for you. You can help us by sharing your unique experience and voice with our amazing community.

Apply to join us (or read more below).

What To Expect

There will be regular pitch threads in our Sober Mommies Writer’s Group Facebook community.  You’re also welcome to pitch your own Sober Mommies article ideas to our editorial team. While we prefer original content, we’re also open to republishing previously published work to give your content a wider audience. As a member of the Sober Mommies Writers group, you’ll be given your own WordPress log-in and author page where we’ll display your full bio, including photo and links back to your website and social media.

We want to help develop your voice and writing style. You can expect full editorial support including:

  • Honest feedback from our editor: Sunshine and rainbow encouragement is great, but it doesn’t help you grow and develop as a writer. This group, and our editors, are committed to the latter. If something just isn’t working, we will work with you on the hows and whys to strengthen your writing skills for long-term awesomeness.
  • Requests for fine tuning – If we really like your piece, but feel it is worthy of refinement, we may ask you to take another. We try to be clear in our feedback and work with you to ensure that the piece fits the brand while retaining your voice.

As a regular contributor to the site, you will also receive:

  • Support from the Sober Mommies team: We want to see you do well. We will promote your blogs and memes on social media. You will also have the opportunity to join our admin teams to schedule your best work from your own blog three times a week.
  • Opportunities for more: If you indicate an interest in sponsored opportunities, you will be notified and considered when we receive pitches.
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can receive updates, engage and ask for support from the team.
  • Help with other stuff: Have a question about the blogging world? Ask! Need to vent or talk something out? Talk to us! We are here for you! We want this to be a supportive COMMUNITY, full of your peeps… so dive in and make it yours!
  • Special Perks: We will be reaching out to brands that wish to work with us for product/book reviews, and asking for special perks just for our regular contributors/team! We want this to be an overall amazing opportunity and experience for you — not just all about writing and support — so we’ll be working hard to make that happen!


What We’re Looking For 

We want relatable stories our readers will connect and identify with. We’re looking for personal antidotes, stories about dating/family/loss & gain, and anything that relates to the struggles and triumphs involved with recovery and parenting. We’re looking for more than how-to-get-sober pieces. We want raw honesty and emotion, and to hear about mistakes made and lessons learned. We’re looking both for light humor, witty/satirical pieces, and also more serious or contemplative. We’re never looking for rants, raves, or belittling of other people, places, or things. Sober Mommies’ aim is to connect with other moms, empower them with our stories and experiences, and let them know they’re never alone.

So, in a nutshell, we’re looking for open-minded, relatable, intelligent, creative moms with a great sense of humor and healthy respect for grammar and punctuation.

To join our writer’s group, you’ll need to:
  • Submit at least one (1) original content piece per month, ready for editing (unless otherwise specified) — uploaded directly to the Sober Mommies website.
  • Share published content across all of your social media platforms.
  • Participate regularly in the Sober Mommies Writers Facebook community.

So, are you in or are you in?

If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor, you can apply to join the Sober Mommies team today!


Sober Mommies Syndication Group

The Sober Mommies Syndication Group is focused on writers interested in syndicating their previously published content to the site.

Sober Mommies will syndicate up to two (2) content posts per week. We are committed to sharing the VERY best our community has to offer. You can expect:

  • Access to our Facebook group where you can receive updates, engage, post your content, and ask for support from the team.
  • A micro bio attached to each published piece, including links to your website and social media accounts.
  • Content support and shares via our social media channels.


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