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Hillary Dumas is a woman in long term recovery from alcohol and heroin and is from central Massachusetts. She is a survivor of homelessness, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Hillary is a single mother to a strong willed two year old girl. 

Hillary works in substance abuse treatment and is currently finishing up a certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling and is working on her Psychology undergrad. She is two classes away from becoming Trauma Informed Care Certified. 

An avid coffee drinker, Hillary never turns down a mocha latte. She refuses to write with any pen that isn’t black, would live in black leggings if she could, and enjoys Taco Tuesdays and new experiences with her daughter.


Melissa Kreutz is a 29-year-old student and a stay at home mom to her two boys; 3-year-old Watson and her newborn, Emerson. She is married to a wonderful sober man and they have created a blessed life in Southern California.

Melissa has been sober since 11.6.13 and is active in 12 step fellowships. She understands that there are no sober blueprints and different things work for different people. She wholeheartedly believes that if we chase our own solution, choose kindness and seek out anything bigger than ourselves, our lives will change. 

Along with addiction, Melissa struggles with mental health issues, an addiction to self-harm, and a habit of self-loathing. Through sobriety she has begun to overcome those obstacles. 
She enjoys hiking and The Office. She loves cold brew, yoga, and horror. If she could change one thing about herself, it’d be her proneness to procrastination.


Esther Nagle is from Wales in the UK. Sober since 2014 — after 20 years alcoholism and a hefty marijuana habit — she found her path to recovery through the Yoga teacher training she turned to following a breakdown in 2013. Esther credits Yoga with saving her life. She is the author of Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, and a powerful and inspirational writer and speaker. She shares her experience to inspire and help others.

You can read more about Esther on her website , where you can get a free ebook sharing, “10 Tips for a Happy Recovery.”

Connect with her on Facebook, and Twitter/Instagram @esthernagle.