I Feel Forgotten In My 12-Step Community

I had my second baby in mid November. I knew I would have to temporarily step away from my 12-step meetings for healthy reasons. Cold and flu season is not a good time to be carting a newborn… Read More

An Unselfish Act: What happens when a mother realizes regaining full custody isn’t the solution

“I fucking HATE being honest with myself when it comes to shit that really matters.“ That’s how it started; the most difficult email I’ve ever written. I remember having to squint through endless tears to even see well… Read More

Is My Daughter Destined for Alcoholism?

When I found out I was pregnant, I was elated. We had just started trying to conceive (full disclosure: we tried once and BAM!), and I was thrilled at the prospect of starting a family. But after the… Read More

My Recovery Baby Was Born Dependent

I suffered periods of opioid addiction for eight years. In the end, there were more bad  times than good ones. At first I could stop cold turkey and reel myself in, but the last time I tried to… Read More

Laughter Doesn’t Make It Funny

I got really fired up after a recovery gathering last night. Like, beyond my usual passion for the recovering mother. In my community, there are a number of not-so-funny “slogans” that have become commonplace. I’m not into controlling… Read More