Ask a Sober Mom: To Bachelorette Party or Not? That is the question.

My younger sister is getting married this year. While I’m very happy about this- I’m finding it is presenting a challenge to me in my sobriety. I’m 6 months sober, working with a sponsor in a twelve-step program… Read More

One Small Shift Can Make a Big Difference

“One small shift can make a big difference.” I was 37 years old when I gave birth to my youngest son. Unhappy and feeling trapped in an emotionally damaging relationship I had been in for only a year,… Read More

Ask a Sober Mom: I Did Not Sober Up For This

“I’m 80 days sober. When will my kids stop irritating the shit out of me? They are 6 & 4, I stayed sober through my pregnancies and nursing but after then went back to drinking too much wine… Read More

Happy New Year! I’m Going to Jail.

On September 2, 2016 I was just over eight months sober. I had been going to meetings and “working” a program but not diligently or with a sponsor, and my meeting attendance had dwindled. That day someone very… Read More

8 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

For some, holidays are a time of joy, but for many others, they are a time of great stress and anxiety. For those of us in recovery, with personal and sometimes family battles raging all the time, the holidays can be a very distressing and triggering time.