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16 Comments on “Contact Us

  1. I think you ladies ROCK. This is courageous and inspirational, and I plan to follow your journey. I wish you MORE of the best, because you’ve already got it goin’ on. HUGS!!

  2. Congrats on your new blog! Wishing you the best!!

  3. As a fellow mother I feel really proud that you ladies are being honest about this topic. I feel passionate about fighting the SuperWoman Myth today’s Moms are expected to live up to (I write a blog aimed at encouraging women to let go of neurotic parenting dilemmas and include current research on my site. I feel your site does just that. You are presenting an image of womanhood not just motherhood. You are sharing your journey as individuals–who are more than just mothers. Thank you for your courage in publicly expressing we are NOT Super–just women.

  4. Hi there!

    I have made the decision to get sober. Today is the first day. I plan to attend a 12-step program and also joined a small running club. I have been honest with family and asked for se support in childminding while I attend meetings.
    Are there any tips that you have on starting this journey of recovery. I am so frightened of mot making the changes. And that awful baffling voice in my head. Its quite now but three days from now I know it will be back
    Hope all you ladies are well


    • Congratulations on your first day of sobriety, Joanne!! Welcome!! I am sending your message to our facebook page in order to get you plenty of suggestions!! In the meantime, feel free to start a conversation in our forum by clicking HERE.

    • Congratulations Joanne! This will turn out to be the most important decision of your life. Getting sober is the easy part, staying sober is the hard part. Do yourself a favor and do 3 simple things; Get a home group, Get a sponsor, and attend meetings regularly. That’s it. Sounds simple enough, right? Happy that you have joined us. Living sober is the best way to live.

    • The best thing that I can tell you is listen to your head and your heart. DO not ignore. When you get that voice creaping in that tells u its ok for like maybe just one (it will happen) The thing that I did in treatment (convincing myself to say) and after is.

      Ok I feel like having something right now. I’ll wait 5 minutes and see how I feel. 5 minutes passes and you do it again until its 1 hour, 24 hours and more. This kept me from running out of treatment every day for 21 days

      I’m working on this too again. Lots of solid support around you so don’t be afraid to use it.

  5. Congratulations!! For me, finding a Higher Power and believing it was crucial. It wasn’t an easy process but it has been an amazing journey. I learned true spirituality is to be honest with myself, with others, and with God. That helped me so much in the beginning and is how I live my life almost 6 years later.

  6. Just worry today about not drinking for a few moments at a time. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Baby steps were crucial for me. I couldn’t think ahead more than a few minutes at first. When it feels hard to achieve, remember that it is, but YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I would suggest first get your butt to a meeting today, and speak up. Just raise your hand asking for some phone numbers for support, and Use them. Most of us in recovery just want to help another. In fact, I NEED to in order to stay sober myself. Try not to be afraid to ask for help, when you want to drink and when you are just downright feeling icky and those voices are telling you to drink. When you hear them, pick up the phone or log on here and talk about it. No one can help you through it if you don’t speak up. And take the support of your family with babysitting and try not to feel guilty about it. You WILL be there for your children when you can. NOT DRINKING has to come first. Make that your priority and I promise everything else will fall into place in time. You are in my thoughts today. JUST DONT DRINK NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  7. I finally made it over and I’m following! I hope to submit some personal stories, inspired by the precious jewel who is Julie.