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Submissions – Share Your Story

Sober Mommies Share Your Story

If you are interested in syndicating previously published content on sobermommies.com, please click here.

If you would like to submit an original, unpublished 600-1200 word article for publication on this website, please read carefully and follow these guidelines.

Guidelines for submission (please read carefully):

  • All submissions are subject to edit by Sober Mommies for grammar, etc.
  • We at Sober Mommies know that where and how you found hope is very important to you, and we encourage you to share it. We do ask, however, that if you are a member of an anonymous 12-step group, that you respect the 11th and 12th traditions of that group. Feel free to replace the actual name of the group with “12 step group/program” or “the program”, etc. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • We are excited to read your story and realize that some journeys to hope are very long. Keeping this in mind, please try to limit your submission to between approximately 600-1200 words.* Submissions MUST be at least 600 words.
  • While we can all appreciate a passionate swear (or ten) now and again, please try to limit the use of profanity.*
  • Submissions must belong to the writer and be original work. The submission should not have been posted anywhere else on the internet (even your own blog). If you are submitting a post from another website, please include specifically where and when the post was published with your submission.*
  • Please note: Once published, Sober Mommies will own the rights to all submitted material. Reposting content published to the Sober Mommies website, without the expressed written permission of Sober Mommies is prohibited. Sharing posts is encouraged as long as it is done so using the Sober Mommies website using the post URL or via any of our social media channels.
  • We DO NOT post promotional third party links and we do not provide free advertising. If you would like to discuss the opportunities for advertising, please contact Julie Maida directly. 
  • Please do not double space after periods, but please do respect the need for grammar. 
  • If you have further submission or editing questions after reading these guidelines in their entirety, please contact Julie Maida directly.

Thank you so much for your willingness to submit a post and share your story with us!

We look forward to connecting with you!!

*Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be considered for publication.*


Click HERE for submission guidelines, terms and conditions.

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  1. hi my names ginny,

    oh my gosh im so excited to see that there are other moms out there .