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Submission Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 


  • By submitting my content I agree that Sober Mommies has the right to edit my submission before publishing.
  • I agree to give Sober Mommies full rights to first publish the content on their site. I understand that Sober Mommies does not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • I understand that if I wish to withdraw a submitted post from consideration, it must happen BEFORE it goes through the editorial process. Once it has entered the editorial process, Sober Mommies reserves the right to publish an edited version of the piece with or without my approval. If I pull a piece after it has been edited, and publish the edited version on another site before it goes live on Sober Mommies, I understand that I will be invoiced a minimum amount of $30 USD for the time spent on the piece by the editorial team. 
  • Sober Mommies retains no permanent rights to re-printed or syndicated content on sobermommies.com, but we do ask that you wait one month before submitting content for syndication after it’s original publish date and another month after your work is published on our website.
  • Sober Mommies does own the rights to any original content submitted to our site, and all required edits provided by our team. By submitting original content, you agree to donate (without any promise of payment) and give permission to Sober Mommies to edit and repurpose your writing for future advertising or promotional uses. 
  • Sober Mommies cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions when publishing new or syndicated content, but will always to do its best to ensure quality.
  • It is important that you understand and agree with all of these terms and conditions before submitting content to Sober Mommies.

This agreement can and will be changed periodically, and it is your sole responsibility to make sure to read the current version before submitting, even if you’ve signed previous agreements. 

Please confirm your agreement with the above-noted conditions for each submitted post using this form.

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