We believe firmly that there is safety in numbers, and we very much want to help you build your very own personal recovery tribe. For that purpose, we offer online support groups for women all over the world to connect with other women in their area. Our support groups provide judgement-free support for all stages of recovery and pathways.

Not even sure you’re interested in recovery? Join us, and let us share our experience.

We will not tell you what to do or how you must do anything. We will listen and we will share what has worked for us. We are women with a variety of experiences and opinions. We are also aware that none of these are right or wrong.

Sober Mommies - Online Support Groups
Online Support Groups


Are you in Massachusetts? Sober Mommies, Inc. operates on the south shore, and holds in-person support groups for women to connect on a whole new level.

Sober Mommies Weekly Support Groups
In-Person Support Groups

Not sure what path you’re on yet, or what your recovery needs might be? Check out our resources page, and find both non-12 step and 12 step supports in your area!

Sober Mommies - Resources