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Guidelines – Online Support Group

Support Group Guidelines
  • These guidelines are not meant to censor ANYONE, but rather protect those who are struggling and may be triggered or upset by things we simply cannot handle as an online support group.No graphic details, pictures, videos, or memes about drinking, using, self-harm, abuse (yours or others), or trauma. We encourage every member to share about struggles; we just ask that you please leave out details that could be triggering to another member.
  • If admin see a comment that is blatantly disrespectful or down right mean or rude, they have permission to remove the comment AND the commenter, without warning.
  • Hate speech will NOT be tolerated. We also ask that you refrain from using language that serves only to stigmatize addiction (ex. “junkie,” “crackhead,” etc.)
  • If you feel judged, offended, or triggered by something, please be respectful, but speak up.
  • Please try to refrain from using loaded words like, “should” or “have to” when supporting someone.
  • Not everyone in this group is “sober” or “clean,” and we always appreciate language that speaks to true open mindedness, tolerance, and compassion.
  • If you would like to discuss something upsetting you found on social media, please do so without posting the specific picture, article, etc. in the group. If it upset you, it will probably upset us too.
  • While we love to share your stuff, this space is never the appropriate forum for advertising or self-promotion. If you post an ad of any kind, the first time it will be deleted. If you post it again, it will be deleted and you will be removed from the group. It is also not okay to solicit group members by private messages. If you have a new group you think some of our members might benefit from, please reach out to admin and ASK before posting it.
  • Do not speak about the group, or anything said here, outside of it. What you hear here, who you see here, when you leave here, let it stay here.
  • We ALWAYS encourage you to speak up and let the group know if you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or someone else. Please understand, however, if you even hint or joke about suicidal/homicidal thoughts or actions, we will be forced to call the local authorities in your area. There really are no exceptions. We will do whatever we can to ensure your safety.
  • If you see something, say something. It is not just the responsibility of admins to keep enforce guidelines and ensure safety, it is also yours. Please help keep our group safe by flagging any and all posts you find concerning by tagging a moderator.
  • If appropriate action is not taken within 15 minutes of your flag, contact Julie Maida directly via private message.
  • If you need to discuss details and are unsure about posting, please reach out privately to any of our admins (listed at the top of the member list), so we can assist you.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in your being removed from the group.
  • As always, thank you for the support, love, and encouragement you offer daily. We are so happy you’re here, and we look forward to learning with and from you.

~ The Sober Mommies Admin Team


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