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Sober Mommies Facebook Groups

We believe there is safety in numbers when it comes to recovery, and know how lonely and isolating motherhood and recovery can feel, especially within those first few months. Sometimes it’s not always easy to get out of the house with the kids or even alone and attend all the things.

We understand.

The Sober Mommies Facebook page provides daily inspiration and the opportunity to share ideas and opinions regarding recovery resources, relevant articles, and a place to reach out for help.

Our online groups offer round the clock peer-to-peer support right at your finger tips. All of our admins are committed to the mission and to promoting an always inclusive space for sharing thoughts, requests for support, and celebrating all the steps taken to improve quality of life.

New to recovery or still unsure if it’s what you’re looking for?

Please join us and let us share our experiences and hope without pressure. We’ll support you wherever you are in your journey. We don’t give advice, but rather share our differing stories and experiences while encouraging you make whatever decisions are right for you.

Have years of recovery and experience to share? 

We would love to have your voice! Please join our tribe and help us assure the women of our group they are not alone!





Join over 17,000 voices following us on Facebook for daily inspiration, articles, and reality-based conversation about all things recovery and motherhood.

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Join hundreds women from all over the world in our International Support Group and receive judgment-free support on your journey.

Thanks to time differences, someone is usually available 24/7!!