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Online Support Groups

Sober Mommies Facebook Groups

Sober Mommies’ online support groups are VERY different than some may be accustomed to. They are not centered around any one particular method of recovery, and do not believe there is only one. We are open to any and all pathways to and of recovery, and we celebrate any and all efforts to improve quality of life.

Our groups and organization were created primarily for those who might avoid (for whatever personal reason) recovery programs that preach one way or the other. This group is not about exclusion. It is about joining together on the road to freedom, and respecting each other’s right to paint that picture differently.

We understand that recovery is not a box, and we do not try to cram our beliefs or opinions down anyone’s windpipe. We listen. We share our personal experience. We show support.

These groups will not be received well by all. Many will struggle to embrace the lack of structure regarding what recovery is and isn’t — and that is okay. Those who wish to grow and work through those struggles will be met with plenty of opportunity and support in doing just that. We understand how difficult it can be to accept that recovery is not a black and white, simple solution. We know how much self reflection it takes to be truly open to the idea that our particular brand of recovery is not necessarily the “right” one — that there is no right way to find and maintain personal recovery.

Our groups will challenge you to step outside of whatever box you’ve been wrapped, and if you decide they are not the appropriate place for you in your process right now, we will hold the door open for you in case you ever change your mind. You will not be judged.

There will be threads about active use in this group, and some may feel triggered. You will always be encouraged to speak up these things in a way that respects us all. It is possible to voice discomfort in a way that invites us all into conversation about boundaries and the importance of finding and protecting our own edges.

If ever you wish to reach out to me to discuss any of this, I really hope you will.

I am SO happy you found us, and I hope – after reading and processing all of this – you’ll join us and rejoice in the rare opportunities this group has to offer you.

If you would like to join the group, please just read through group guidelines first, then click the link to JOIN!

We hope to see you there!!