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Support Groups

Sober Mommies Group Support

Our support groups connect women with the necessary support to attain whatever recovery means to them.  Members share their own experiences and offer advice to other members. It can be incredibly helpful to talk with other women who “get it,” understand what you’re going through, and are perhaps on the other side of the situation.

While not everyone wants or needs support beyond that offered by family and friends, it is often helpful and easier to turn to others outside immediate circles.

Our support groups provide moms access to resources they may not have been aware of, shared experience, and the awareness that they are not alone no matter what their struggle.

 Want more information about current in-person groups? CLICK HERE 

Topics for group discussion include:


• Balancing the responsibilities of recovery and motherhood

• Different pathways to and of recovery


• Managing “Mom Guilt”

• Self-esteem and efficacy


• Finding appropriate support/resources

• Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries



 Want more information about current in-person groups? CLICK HERE