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Holiday Gratitude- Julie

I’ve always been a fan of gratitude lists, even when I’ve been a total slacker. I belong to an email list with other women in recovery and it’s so nice to send and receive lists, especially when I’m feeling fearful and/or entitled to something other than what God has given me. It’s also nice to be able to look back at old lists and see how much my gratitude has changed over the years. Here’s what I’m grateful for today.

Sobriety and Recovery
The women that saw through my bitchy exterior and loved every part of me until I could love myself
The opportunity to love you that way because they showed me how
Having a level of stability in my life today that I was sure I would never have.
My wonderful husband, especially on the days that I don’t feel worthy of him
God and His grace
This blog and all of the people that have supported it’s growth
Rachel, Lauren, Amy, Sara, Chris, and all of our guest posters
The awareness that I could not have done any of this without support
Love in all forms
Patience with myself and others today
Every mistake I’ve made along my journey and the lessons I’ve learned from them
Awareness that I would not be the woman I am today without them
The opportunity to spread it as far as this blog and its readers allow
Excitement about all that 2014 will bring
Every single one of you

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Today I am grateful that as of 2:00 tomorrow ill be spendinng Christmas holidays with my heart and sunshine- my 4 year old daughter. And I’m grateful for my recovery and a loving, supportive husband. I’m also extremely grateful that I was able to provide a few things to the less fortunate this year and provide Christmas presents for in need children!

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