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Holiday Gratitude- Rachel

I always made a habit of making gratitude lists in early recovery and every time I call a certain experienced woman in my recovery circle, she “suggests” I begin doing it again. I will be honest with you, when she says it, I get annoyed. I get annoyed for the same reason I always get annoyed when I am suggested to do something that is good for me. Because I am being arrogant and thinking that the simple things are below me. You see, ladies, I am an over proud brat sometimes and keeping it simple is not my strong suit. So, I will be making daily gratitude lists every day for the rest of this YEAR. It doesn’t take long and I have so much to be grateful for. Especially the simple things.

  • I am clean
  • Hot coffee
  • I have more love in my life than I can handle
  • Feeling my feelings
  • Julie, Amy, Lauren, and all of the Sober Mommies guest posters sharing their hearts with all of us
  • Toddler language
  • Hot water
  • Food in my fridge
  • My house is a home
  • The addict who seeks a new way of life today
  • The families that never gave up on us
  • My windows have curtains on them, not dirty blankets
  • You

Have a safe holiday season. You deserve all of the love and care recovery has in store for you!

What are you grateful for?

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  1. gratitude is a wonderful thing. my kids will tell you i tell them all the time they dont appreciate what they have . my favorite one is when i tell them i should sign them up to help at a shelter so they can meet people who really have nothing . shame on me though i dont always rember to be greatful for what i have . when things go wrong i dont always think them through and i overreact sometimes , im good for a pity party or two a couple times a year . i have to remind myself all the time things could be worse .

    i am ever so greatful for my home
    i have 5 wonderful kids
    im alive and im pretty healthy
    i have family who supports me

    those are just a couple things i always hate that the holidays make you think about all you really do i have i need to make a point to be thankful everyday , not complain so much im sober today that in itself it the best thing

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