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I Believe in You…But You Have to Believe Too

Sometimes awareness just isn’t enough. While it’s awesome and empowering and can get us to the crux of the problems that have been plaguing our lives, awareness alone doesn’t always solve them.

Sometimes we have to use that awareness to take appropriate actions. We have to hit the road, armed with this newfound knowledge, and take actual steps toward the life we want and deserve to have.

These steps often require help, support, and guidance. After all, we’ve walked ourselves waist-deep into the mess, and in many cases, our own decision-making process might be compromised. We might be experiencing all kinds of feelings based on self-doubt, fear of all the things, and/or comfortable within the cycle of chaos and drama we’ve grown accustomed to.

Sometimes we need a hand or the reasonable voice of someone who loves and cares for us to direct us back to the road we desperately want to be on but have strayed from.

If you have these people in your life, but just aren’t ready to take the steps toward freedom, I understand. There have been MANY times in my life that I found comfort in misery because for so long it was all I had.

If you are wading in a pile of your own mess today, even while surrounded by a plethora of help, support, and guidance, you have every ounce of compassion I can muster. I have been there too and can identify with where you’re at.

That said, if today you are choosing not to accept the help readily available to you, I cannot and will not offer you my sympathy.

There are SO many people in the world literally dying for help that just isn’t there. They’re alone in their pain, and may never ever experience the incredible opportunity to have someone to lean on.

If you have this gift today, I hope you’ll take full advantage and use the ten finger lift—even if you don’t feel worthy of it. Because I believe you are. Because you are.

We’re ALL worth the actions necessary to make our lives better. If you have the chance, please take it.

I love you no matter what.

Please take care of my friend. XO

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