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Listen to Your Inner Voice—She Knows

This inner voice is our guardian angel, our one true, ever devoted, unconditionally loving friend. So why do we ignore it so much?

There is a voice inside us all that loves and cares for us even when we don’t know how to do that ourselves. The voice that knows what is best for us, and only wants that best. It’s the voice that tells you when you’re about to go to bed with the wrong person. It’s the voice that whispers in your ear that maybe you should get off Facebook and do your work. It’s the voice that reminds you that you’ve already had four cups of coffee today, so water might be best this time.

It’s the voice that nudges you with love to ask for the help you are desperately trying to deny you need.

That voice knows whether the action we are about to take is going to be good for us or not. It can recognize the red flags and spot opportunities. It sees the path laid out for us and guides us along it with love and care.

This inner voice is our guardian angel, our one true, ever devoted, unconditionally loving friend. So why do we ignore it so much?

I can see countless examples in my own life where I have heard that voice and dismissed it. It recently told me I hadn’t found the right man for me. It pointed out the ways he was not my soulmate. I ignored it, trying to convince myself he was the one. I told myself that the voice was just fear. In the past, my inner guardian has implored me to seek help with my worsening mental health. She begged me to empty the glass, drink some water and go to bed. I scoffed at her and drank the bottle. Now, the voice mostly suggests that I ditch Facebook and do something more productive with my time. I have so many answers to that one. They all sound a lot like justifications for other addictions.

Part of my recovery journey has been to learn to hear and accept the insights my inner voice has to share.

In the past, it has always seemed that this voice has wanted to stop me having fun. I know now that my idea of fun was self-destructive. I would drink too much, sleep with the wrong men, stay awake too late. “Fun” doesn’t seem to be the right word, does it? How many times am I going to think, “I knew there was something wrong—if only I’d listened?”

You have this wise one inside you as well, we all do. No matter how bad you might feel about your life, there is a part of you that knows you deserve better than you think you do.

When you hear that voice, listen to it. Stop and listen, and think about what it might be trying to do for you. Your inner child might tell you that your inner voice is trying to prevent fun. But is it? Or is it trying to prevent you from getting into another bad situation? Reflect on what she is saying. Sit with your breath instead of acting on impulse. Be curious about your inner voice instead of disregarding it. What would you lose out on if you listen to it?

I am starting to listen to her now. She does know.

What is your inner voice saying to you today?

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