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One Year for the Sober Mommies Tribe

A year ago this week, I was at my wit’s end. Nicole and I were on the phone daily, exhausted and feeling discouraged, trying to do all the things. I have been told that delegation is vital to the sustainability of any organization, but I’ve always been quite the control freak and afraid to let go of the reigns. To add insult to injury, I hadn’t at that point had the best track record with reliable people willing to help and that was adding extra stress and paranoia to the mix. How could we keep the website active and also be everywhere? We decided it was time to bring on some regular contributors to offset the number of member contributions coming in.

At first, I was petrified, but Nicole and I put together a list of all these great writers who applied, and narrowed it down to the six we needed. Adding all six of these incredible writers to our team has proven invaluable to our mission and focus. As I’ve had the opportunity to work with this team and get to know them personally, we have formed relationships and a special sisterhood I never imagined possible.

These women are more than contributors to Sober Mommies. They are its heart and soul. I am so grateful and humbled by their amazing spirits, constant vigilance, and the curiosity to challenge themselves to grow—not just as writers—but as women, mothers, and friends. On this one year anniversary, I want to thank each and every one of them for their commitment and powerful examples of how a bunch of imperfect humans can create and nurture such perfection. ~ Sober Mommies Founder, Julie Maida

Sober Mommies is the first place I felt truly at home and comfortable. This has always been a place where I can be myself—raw, messy and authentic. When Julie and I looked at adding to the team, it was very scary for me because this is my home. But when I look at each individual writer and how they’ve become so much a part of the Sober Mommies “voice” it seems unnatural for me to view it any other way now. I’m honored to be part of such a talented sisterhood that encourages and challenges me. ~ Sober Mommies Writer, Nicole Franklin Ross

Finding Sober Mommies in the darkness of my postpartum depression was a beacon of light for me. Coming from a strict 12-step background, Sober Mommies helped me understand that there is more than one way to recover. The sisterhood and friendships I’ve made have truly kept me going—I don’t know where I’d be without these women. ~ Sober Mommies Writer, Nicole St. Pierre

Before I became a Regular Contributor, I believed that everyone had to work their recovery the way that I did. Hearing the stories of the other women, and seeing how they live their lives in recovery has forever changed my opinion of what recovery is. The love and support they have unconditionally provided is life changing. Thank you to the Sober Mommies Tribe as well as all of our regular followers and supporters. Thank you for helping us to spread our message and help support other mothers in recovery. We never have to feel alone again. ~ Sober Mommies Writer, Hillary Dumas

My initial experience with recovery was centered on only 12-step abstinence recovery. Over the years that I have been involved with Sober Mommies, I’ve been introduced to a more inclusive definition of recovery and that expanded definition has changed how I speak with other recovering women. I’m forever grateful that Sober Mommies has introduced me to the most remarkable women I’ve ever known. ~ Sober Mommies Writer, Rachel Trimble

I was a little seed having no sense of my potential. The women of Sober Mommies buried me in their soil, watered me with their encouraging words, shined on me with their strength and watched me bloom (surprising me, most of all). My Sober Mommies tribe believed in me until I could believe in myself. Sober Mommies has shown me there is no room in my recovery for judgment and in that, I have learned to love my sober sisters with all of my heart. Sober Mommies is where I go when I’m breaking, where I turn for support, advice, and strength and I will forever be grateful to call this group my home. ~ Sober Mommies Writer, Melissa T. Kreutz

I have felt quite isolated in my recovery to a large extent—I didn’t get sober through conventional means, so didn’t have a “recovery community” as such. Recovering alone has meant that I haven’t had much chance to learn about others’ experiences, but through Sober Mommies, I can see what life is like for other women in ways I wasn’t able to before. It has helped me to become a kinder, more compassionate person than I was, and to realize just how unique we all are, even when we share common issues. ~ Sober Mommies Writer, Esther Nagle

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