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Sober And Sick

I’ve been sick with some kind of cold/flu garbage, on and off, for almost a month. Nothing serious, but still requiring OTC medicines to alleviate symptoms.

Never am I more aware of the disease of addiction than when I am sick. That beast is lurking; waiting for a tiny crack to squeeze through so it can take over my thinking. This is what it does to me when I am not feeling my physical best:

•Why check the labels? You know which medicine makes you feel fuzzy and able to sleep. Just get THAT!

•Dosage information? Pfahh! Just fill that little cup twice. Good enough.

•Tea with honey & lemon? Worthless. Now, with whiskey?! That actually does something.

•You haven’t had a script for good painkillers in a looonnnng time. Surely these aches and pains warrant one?

•This cough medicine isn’t doing a damn thing. Make an appointment and get one that works, you know, the kind that you have to show ID to get. I won’t tell.

•You are far too sick for a meeting. That’s not considering the welfare of others. STAY HOME!

That’s what the disease of addiction says to me when I’m sick. What do I do about it? I remember that the beast wants me to catch a buzz anyway it will convince me to.

I am very grateful today that I read labels and check dosage information not to get high, but to take things I know are safe for me in recommended dosages. Being ill in recovery is not a good time, but I do not need to go to any measure to numb out feeling uncomfortable.

The disease of addiction is a sneaky bastard that LOVES knowing I don’t feel 100%. It just needs a hairline crack to get in. I’m gonna stay vigilant, and keep my recovery airtight especially when I’m not operating at peak condition.

What steps do you take to protect your sobriety when you’re sick?

Do you have any suggestions for us?

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