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Recovery Challenge – Maggie

To learn more about Maggie, visit her blog Sober Courage!!




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  1. Maggie, this was wonderful! Lovely to hear you talk and to hear your positivity about recovery. Thank you 🙂 xx

  2. I was just thinking the other day that your time was running out for the video and I was going to ask you about it! Hahaha How did I not see this earlier?!?! So glad you did it! Great job! It is great to see the things that are important for each of us to talk about. Yay for RECOVERY!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! This turned out to be harder than I thought – there is so much to it all isn’t it? And I really liked hearing what everyone had to say because we are different yet connected by this main goal to live a sober life and than it feels like we are the same.

  3. Thank you to Julie and Rachel and all the Sober Mommies. This has been an amazing experience. Sending many hugs!

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