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Sober Mommies Recovery Challenge

Have you heard about #recoverychallenge? I was recently introduced by a friend, and to say I love it, would be an understatement. Sharing our recovery is the greatest gift we can give to someone who might be struggling with active addiction. Due to much confusion regarding the “rules” of personal anonymity, many people keep the fact that they are recovering alcoholics and addicts hush-hush.

Sober Mommies Recovery Challenge Post
This is me in 2000, six months sober. I was telling everyone that would listen. See that smile? 100% genuine.

Telling someone I’m an alcoholic does not break any “rules.” It does not violate any tradition or disrespect any organization. The requests of 12-step programs regarding personal anonymity are very specific. They ask that members not disclose MEMBERSHIP in their programs. If you participate in a 12-step program, you are asked to not make it public knowledge at the level of press, radio, or film. Many people do not understand that social media and the Internet (ie. facebook, twitter, personal blogs/websites, etc.) would have been included there too, had they been an issue in the 1930s.

The reasons are simple. No one should be the face of an anonymous program or speak for the masses. Also, it is easier to meet as a group of complete equals if matters of popularity, fancy job titles, and politics aren’t involved. People are asked to identify themselves with first names only and the reason they are there. “I am So-And-So, and I’m an addict (or alcoholic).”

No one owns the phrase, “I’m an addict/alcoholic,” and it is ALWAYS my personal choice whether or not to divulge that information…even on television, radio, or online. Talking about addiction, sobriety, and recovery helps people. Not talking about addiction, sobriety, and recovery makes it a dirty secret, and does NOT help people.

As long as you’re aware of how to respectfully share your story (if you are a member of a 12-step program and value the traditions), there’s no harm. Obviously, whether you feel comfortable sharing these parts of yourself is an important factor. I have a few friends that have been sober for many years, but because of the stigma associated with addiction/recovery and their occupations, they are careful about whom they share with. This does not keep them from talking about recovery; it just changes the venue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a decision not to scream about your recovery from the rooftops. It is 100% your decision and no one has the right to pressure you one way or the other.

That said, the #recoverychallenge movement has me incredibly inspired. I have always been an “over-sharer,” so I have never had issue with blabbing to all about my alcoholism and recovery. Watching these videos, and hearing women state that they’re ready to share their story with the world is… well, there just aren’t words.

It’s beyond beautiful, powerful, inspiring, empowering, and magical.

In honor of Recovery Month and sober mommies everywhere, I have decided to devote September to a sober mommies #recoverychallenge. I would like to welcome and invite sober moms, who are willing to share, to submit their recovery story videos (no longer than 10 minutes) for publish here. The videos do not have to be award winning, and make-up and/or a bra is TOTALLY optional. 😉

If you would like participate, please email your video to with your written permission to publish it on 

Please share these videos once they are published with the tags #SoberMommiesRC AND #RecoveryChallenge 🙂

What do you think? 

Video #1: Britni



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  1. What a brilliant idea for all the sober mommies to give hope, inspiration, courage, and understanding to other women out there! Love it and you yo Julie:)

  2. Great article Julie! Awesome words of inspiration and information. Xoxo

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