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Sometimes Everyone Needs a Time Out

Sometimes, the kindest and sanest thing you can do for yourself is to recognise that you need a time out. When you are in recovery, too much freaking out can be dangerous.

I was there recently. The more eagle eyed of you will notice that I have been absent from the site and the page for the last couple of months. It was an act of self preservation.

I had a couple of months where life seemed to be spiralling out of control. As if I was being tested.

So many things were going on at once. I was trying to process a long-buried grief. I discovered that most of my ‘flaws’ can be explained by the ADHD I wish I had been diagnosed with years ago. I was struggling to find traction in my muchloved business. All these things combined caused more stress than I could deal with. I felt dangerously unbalanced and out of control. I needed a holiday from my life. Obviously ,that wasn’t possible, but thanks to the love and support of my Sober Mommies sisters, I was able to take a break from my responsibilities here.

I’m still freewheeling through life a bit, but I am clearer now about what I am doing:

  • I have devised some strategies to get to grips with the worst of the ADHD (apps and Yoga loom large in my plan!).
  • The grief is abating as I am able to make peace with more in my past than I realised I still needed to come to terms with.
  • I am still treading water with my business, but I know who I want to help, and how I want to do it, so that is a powerful start!

And I am back in the loving arms of my Sober Mommies family. I never fully left. I was still part of the gang, still involved in the conversations when I chose to be, and still loved and supported across the Atlantic.

The writing team on this website are truly the most amazing, loving, loyal, generous and supportive group of women—I am so absolutely grateful to them for giving me the space I needed, but still showering me with virtual hugs when I reached out for them.

If you are ever in doubt as to the strength of the love and support in this commuity, please don’t. I am here to tell you that as long as you need it, it is always there for you. You will not find a more fiercely supportive group of women than the Sober Mommies. I’m proud and grateful to be not just a sober Mum (I’m British, so I’m Mum) but a member of the Sober Mommies team.

Thank you so much to my sisters for the love and patience. I am looking forward to paying that love, support and patience forward in bucketloads.

Sayonara my loves, be well.

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