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Tag: anger

When Rage Hits Home

My daughter had my son by the hair, her face contorted with rage. I recognized the her pain…because I’d seen it on my own face.

I’m Not Perfect. I Still Get Angry, Sober.

Back in my drinking days, I was quite saucy. Some would say I was a raging bitch. Now I’m sober, and I still get angry. I’m okay with that.

The Weight of Surviving

Sober Mommies - The Weight of Surviving

You see, I am a survivor. I’ve had cancer twice. I’m a person in long-term recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. I survived my younger sibling’s tragic death.

Addiction Doesn’t Just Kill Addicts

Last Saturday someone I’ve known for over 30 years was killed in a car accident. The driver had two prior DUIs and was driving drunk…AGAIN. My loved one was killed upon impact. She was a mother, a grandmother,… Read More

Resentment City, Here I Come…

I had a moment the other day at work that sent me reeling into a resentment spiral. As I was pondering my friends pallett for her hallway on my break, and my gay boyfriend’s excitement about painting, my… Read More