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10 Tips For A Sane And Sober Summer

Sober Mommies 10 Tips For A Sane And Sober Summer

For some reason, summer always strikes me as a tough season to stay sober. Maybe because of the energy it brings, or the increased number of cook-outs and drinking that goes on. Granted, I didn’t need the summer excuse to get my drink on, but I’m certain I used it anyway. If you are new to sobriety, or if you’re like me and get a little nostalgic, here are 10 tips for a sane and sober summer.

I Used To Be a Binge Drinker

Sober Mommies - I Used To Be A Binge Drinker

Whenever drinks were offered I accepted. I could never just slowly sip them no matter how hard I tried to pace myself. I drank, blacked out, passed out, and recovered.

Dear Father-In-Law: Stop Offering Me Alcohol

When I got sober, my parents were stoked. My mom cried. My dad drove an hour into the big city just to take me to dinner, give me some daily devotional books and help me find a meeting…. Read More

#BlogHer14 – An Alcoholic Perspective

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