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Tag: guilt

Dear Mom, You Didn’t Raise An Alcoholic

Mom, you didn’t raise an alcoholic. You helped me pick up all my broken pieces and build me into the woman I am today.

How Can I Forgive Myself for Leaving my Son for Meth?

Sober Mommies Ask A Sober Mom Posts

A guilt-ridden mom asks how she can ever forgive herself after leaving her son during her addiction to meth. Nicole responds with a great reminder.

The Difference Between Emotional Support and Enabling

Sometimes people in recovery make decisions we don’t agree with. What is the difference between supporting someone 100% and enabling them?

If Others Can Forgive Me, Why Can’t I?

Recently a friend of mine told her husband about some of the things I did while I was drinking. He said he couldn’t picture it – any of it. While I was thankful to hear that, I also… Read More

There Are Such Things As Monsters

I wrote this letter, not actually intending to give to my daughter (she’s only four), but as a living promise to myself and to her to be the best mother I can be.  You said you were afraid of monsters;… Read More