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I Can’t Forgive Myself, and It’s Exhausting

How long can I keep smiling and nodding like everything’s okay, scrambling around to fix it all while also cringing inside?

I Used to Need Wine to Endure Motherhood

I used to need “help” to both enjoy and endure motherhood. I lived my days waiting to drink or smoke to take the edge off.

Changing the Narrative on Mommy Wine Culture

It’s become a cultural norm to suggest alcohol for bad days, good days, boredom, celebration, even made up holidays like “National Wine Day.”

7 Ways Self-Care Makes Sobriety Easier

Sadly, there is a common understanding that alcohol can be a solution to stress and a vital part of Mum’s self-care routine.

I Don’t Drink Every Day…But Am I An Alcoholic?

I don’t drink every day. And when I’m alone with the kids I don’t drink at all. I always wait until after 5 pm to start, and I’m in bed by 9… But am I an alcoholic?