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Not all Masks are Bad

Early in recovery, I spent a lot of time removing my masks; the masks I wore were to cover my pain and my lies and my hurt. This was necessary because I spent so long wearing masks to… Read More

Struggling With Sugar in Recovery – Ask A Sober Mom

“Hi there! I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober for 15 months. One thing I continue to struggle with though is sugar consumption. I go in spurts and binge eat sometimes up late at night eating… Read More

How Can I Forgive Myself for Leaving my Son for Meth?

Sober Mommies Ask A Sober Mom Posts

A guilt-ridden mom asks how she can ever forgive herself after leaving her son during her addiction to meth. Nicole responds with a great reminder.

Sober And Sick

I’ve been sick with some kind of cold/flu garbage, on and off, for almost a month. Nothing serious, but still requiring OTC medicines to alleviate symptoms. Never am I more aware of the disease of addiction than when… Read More