Tag: Sobriety

I Hate Myself Sober

Have you ever been in your head so much that you start hating yourself? Has every thought just reminded you how much you despise who you are? I can’t stand me. I am so stubborn, willful, hardheaded, and… Read More

A Story Of Life After Death

I am a sober mommy. This was not the case between 2009-2013. My drinking up until 2009 was casual. In that year I lost my brother to an accidental overdose, and gave a child up for adoption. I… Read More

There Are Such Things As Monsters

I wrote this letter, not actually intending to give to my daughter (she’s only four), but as a living promise to myself and to her to be the best mother I can be.  You said you were afraid of monsters;… Read More

The Battle Is On

I wrote this poem in August of 2000. I was three months sober. Let me know if it means anything to you.  ______________________________________________________________________ Emptiness fills the room. I alone sit quietly. Chest tight and eyes welling with tears,… Read More

Pay NO Attention To The Woman Behind The Curtain

I always had this picture inside my head of how life would be in sobriety; this idyllic vision of having it all together. I imagined no more struggle, heartbreak, fear, or insecurity. I would be powerful and brave;… Read More