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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Sober Mommies get involved

Sober Mommies, Inc. is currently seeking motivated volunteers to assist with:

  • program set-up
  • funding-raising campaign organizing
  • grant writing and donations mobilization/collection

Experience in these area is highly desirable. Understanding and experience within the non-profit sector, substance use disorder and community fundraising is preferred.

Job Type: Part-time


  • Experience in or around the addiction & recovery process (1 year preferred)
  • Experience with non-profit & grassroots organizing (1-5 years preferred)

Hours per week: 10-15

? Online Group Administrators

  • Moderate our Mighty Network group for respectful and relevant content
  • Keep the group active by asking questions and providing non-judgmental support to our members
  • Communicate problems &/or concerns with Director of Operations and Executive Director


? Pinterest Board Administrator (multiple opportunities available online)

  • Update boards with appropriate links, photos, and hashtags
  • Maintain social media presence by pinning appropriate articles/pics/etc/ and interacting with other Pinteresting people

Hours per week: 5

? Event Planning Coordinator (online and in Massachusetts)

  • Assist the director of operations in the planning, scheduling, and promoting of events.
  • Make phone calls, schedule, coordinate, and co-facilitate conference calls with the Event Planning Committee

Hours per week: TBD

? Event Planning Committee Member (multiple opportunities available online & in Massachusetts) 

  • Report to and assist Event Planning Coordinator in the planning scheduling and promoting of events.

Hours per week: TBD


If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please fill out the form below.