Current Volunteer Opportunities

Sober Mommies Volunteer Opportunities


Website Manager (online opportunity)

  • Maintain and update all active plugins and theme.
  • Locate, delete, and block (when appropriate) spam accounts and comments (currently using a fantastic plugin that makes is super easy)
  • Communicate with administrator at least once a week via email or telephone.

*Must have knowledge of and experience with WordPress*

Editor II –

  • Assist with the editing and publishing of weekly blog posts and submissions.

Pinterest Board Administrator (multiple opportunities available online)

  • Update boards with appropriate links, photos, and hashtags
  • Maintain social media presence by pinning appropriate articles/pics/etc/ and interacting with other Pinteresting people

Event Planning Coordinator (online and in Massachusetts)

  • Assist Julie in the planning, scheduling, and promoting of events.
  • Make phone calls, schedule, coordinate, and co-facilitate conference calls with the Event Planning Committee
  • Remind Julie to breathe.

*Must be accountable, detail oriented,  and super understanding of control freaks named Julie who are really trying to let go of some things and trust in process. Sense of humor a MUST*

Event Planning Committee Member (multiple opportunities available online & in Massachusetts)

  • Report to and assist Event Planning Coordinator in the planning scheduling and promoting of events.


If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please fill out the form below.