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We Can Be Better

Listen. I choose not to drink. I like having a valid license and friends and my memory and trust and shit.

My husband is a normie. He drinks occasionally like a normal, casual, responsible adult drinker. So don’t think for a second that I will judge you if you do drink and can without snorting cocaine or getting arrested.

I am not standing on an anti-drinking platform, but I am most definitely, anti-drinking culture.

I also have a good sense of humor. I see how this could be seen as harmless or funny, *but am I the only one who thinks it’s time to switch gears?

It’s funny until you realize how many people actually laugh, while also thinking to themselves how beneficial a f*cking bangle flask could be to their lives. Thank gosh they can secretly drink at work. Wheeew.

It’s frustrating to me on so many levels that we have become a society that believes wine is the cure for a long day, a hard mom day, a lot of laundry day, a sad day, a happy day, or just any day. It’s never too early to drink and not too late either.

Interesting enough, I think this new norm is particularly boring and played out.

Be more creative.

We can do better and be better.

Our young people shouldn’t be under the impression that ethanol actually cures anything at all whatsoever.

Check the stats.

And people say sober is boring.

This post was written by Brittany L. Shelton and originally appeared on Facebook

2 Comments on “We Can Be Better

  1. Short and sweet – this is refreshing and as ‘unboring’ as they come 🙂
    As a Mom of two young children who has chosen to live soberly for the past 15 years, I hope my life will be encouragement enough to see the great value in leading their own.
    More creative living, please.

  2. I am a recovering addict with 5 yrs 5 months clean. i have two beautiful girls that have made my life worth living. I couldn’t be any happier that I chose to live clean from the constant use of drugs. Thank you everyone who has shared their story. It’s all very inspiring and hopeful to me that I can make it as well..
    Lori Dowis recently posted…Addiction isn’t a Choice

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