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Sober Mommies - Who Needs A Break #BreakYouMake

Who Needs A Break?

Sober Mommies - Who Needs A Break #BreakYouMake
Dianne & Liliana, her youngest of nine children.

Once upon a time, we introduced you to our incredible friend Dianne and her story, “When It Rains It Pours.” She is easily one of the most incredible women I have ever met. She has owned a piece of my heart since the very first time I talked with her.  Dianne has seen more struggle in her life than most people could imagine, and has remained sober through many of life’s not-so-accommodating terms.

She is a survivor.

Dianne has suffered unspeakable loss in her forty-one years – the kind of loss that hardens people. And yet I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face. I have never heard anything but hope in her voice, and her hand outstretched with willingness to help someone else.

She is a warrior.

Dianne does not conform to the world’s ideas about who she “should” be, and is unlike anyone I have ever known. She is honest and wears her heart on her sleeve, even though it often makes her a target. What I love most about Dianne, is that she does not dim her light to make others feel more comfortable around her. There are many unfortunate people who will never fully understand and/or appreciate how beautiful she is because they are blinded. Dianne understands that her life has purpose and that everything she has experienced has strengthened her spirit.

She is a powerful example.

We all experience loss in our lives. I do not believe it is our pain, but rather what we choose to do with it, that defines us. After all that she has endured and survived, through all of the struggles and triumphs, she remains hopeful. She refuses to allow the things that she has witnessed to cloud or clog her faith in the existence of kindness and decency.

Dianne shows up, even when it’s hard and she doesn’t want to, because it’s what she does. It’s who she is.

Dianne is not perfect, and she doesn’t pretend to be. I don’t believe she has a “front,” or wastes any time putting up appearances. It’s one of many reasons I admire her.

She needs a break.

June 3rd is National Break You Make day, and in honor of Chobani Flips, Chobani wants to help provide someone awesome a much needed break. They want to know who in our lives deserves a break, and I’m nominating Dianne. I don’t believe she’s had a positive break in years, I know she feels sometimes that if it were not for bad luck she’d have none at all.

I want her to know how much Rachel and I appreciate her, and how proud and happy we are to have her here as a part of our Sober Mommies community. I want to celebrate all that she is and the incredible role she plays in this world… whether she knows it or not.

Do you have someone in your life who you feel needs a break? List them below, and tell us why you’re nominating them for #breakyoumake!

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  1. I know a mommy (non-AA) who could for SURE use a break. Is this a national contest or something? I’m trying to google and don’t see anything where we can submit stories to Chobani or anything. Can you post some more info or a link??

  2. I am nominating my older sister Alison White for #breakyoumake because while I was active in my addiction, she, without question, judgment, or attitude, took my children into her home so they would not go to foster care. Since I have been clean and sober, I have regained custody of my children. My sister struggled with the change, in her home and in her heart. She loved my children like I would, when I couldn’t. She provided them with opportunities to do things I couldn’t. As the children returned to my care, her partner left her, and she was let go from a career she had built for 9 years. She is very hard working. She always takes care of others, in her personal life and at work as she is a nurse. I believe she needs a break, because she would never give herself one. She is not one to do for herself. She is an angel in my life, and has been very supportive of my recovery.

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