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11 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Stuck at Home

Many of us are currently stuck at home either because we’re self-isolating or quarantining.  Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to practice self-care. I have a tendency to stop caring about things like my appearance and relationships. Self-care is extremely important to maintaining my recovery and mental health. When we think of self-care, many of us think of going to a spa, getting a massage or being pampered in some way. While those are all wonderful, self-care is so much more than that. Here are eleven ways to practice self-care while you’re stuck at home (some of these can also be done with children).

Take a walk

There are many benefits of walking, but one is that it boosts endorphins and improves your mood. A short walk also decreases anxiety and depression. Now that it is springtime, you can get fresh air and sunlight while you take a walk. Walking allows you to take a break from stressors and connect with the outdoors.

Create art and/or music

If you’re an artist or musician, then this is an easy thing for you to do. You can paint, draw or sculpt. But if you’re anything like me, you may need a little help being creative. There are tons of adult coloring books over many different topics. It’s such a relaxing way to destress. Music is also something creative to do. You can sing, play an instrument, or do both.

Try a new skincare routine

Maybe your skincare routine is complex with many steps, like mine, or you may have a simpler routine. Either way, it is important to keep it up while stuck at home. Doing my skincare routine every morning is a refreshing way to start the day. At night, it’s a great way to unwind and prepare for bed. This is also a great time to try new products (sample sizes are great) or change up your routine. I usually try one new product at a time so I am better able to gauge how my skin responds.

Get dressed

This is the first thing that I stop doing when I’m stuck at home. I will wear pajamas all day for days on end. On the mornings that I make an effort to put on a casual outfit, I notice that I feel better all day. It is such a simple thing to do that can improve your whole day.


Meditation and deep breathing are quick, easy ways to improve your overall well-being. I do deep breathing exercises multiple times throughout the day. It has such a positive impact on my depression and anxiety. Google is a great place to find information on meditation and deep breathing. You can try different things until you find what works best for you.


You don’t have to go to a gym or own exercise equipment to workout. There are countless videos and workout plans available on social media (many for free). I love searching YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest for fun workouts that keep me engaged. Yoga is also a great way to get exercise and destress at the same time. You can find workouts to fit any amount of time, ability and type.

Take a bath

Bathing is something that is frequently pushed to the side when you’re stuck at home. It doesn’t always seem necessary to bathe when you don’t have anywhere to go. However, taking a bath or shower helps you relax and clear your mind. I tend to feel sluggish and depressed on days I haven’t showered. Taking a bath is always a great way to relax.

Read a book

I have always loved reading. Books transport you to another place and time, which can be a much-needed escape from daily life. I prefer physical books, but nearly every book is available for download too. You can find book recommendations for any genre you enjoy. Sober Mommies has recommendations of books about addiction and recovery too.

Cook your favorite meal

Cooking our favorite meal isn’t something many of us do often. Many of us are busy and eat on the go while driving to children’s activities. You may be restricting calories or eating only certain foods because you’re on a diet. If you have a picky child, you may be used to only cooking meals he/she will eat. Taking the time to prepare a meal you love can be relaxing. Eating your favorite meal is a great way to bring happiness to your day.

Phone a friend

Connecting with other people is so important for your well-being. Spending your day talking with children can be draining. When you’re stuck at home, it is easy to feel lonely. A short call with a friend gives you the chance to connect with another adult. It is also the perfect time to talk through anything that is causing you stress. Speaking with a close friend can provide a much 

Spend quality time

I am writing this while quarantined, so I have been with my son 24/7. However, not all time spent with your child is “quality time.” I make sure to set aside time every day to focus all of my attention on him (without my phone). I found a list of questions to ask your child and we try to answer one of those every day. It is so much fun to hear his answers and learn more about him. We also play games, watch movies, and do projects together. I have noticed that both of us are happier on the days that quality time is a priority. 

I hope these tips have been helpful! If you have any others, leave them in the comments! I always love new ways to practice self-care.

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  1. Yes! I’ll be sober for 5 years in August and I’m pregnant with my third child. Cooking and meditation really helps so much.

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