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Sober Mommies A Story Of Life After Death

A Story Of Life After Death

Death isn't always the end of a story. Here's a story about life afterwards.

I am proud to be a sober mommy. This was not the case between 2009-2013. My drinking up until 2009 was casual. In that year I lost my brother to an accidental overdose and gave a child up for adoption.

I started to hate life.

I also began living in the past. My mother was a drunk and I was beaten and molested as a child. Because of the issues in my past and the problems I was experiencing, I got lost. I had three children at home, and a husband who needed me, but I couldn’t be there for them.

All I wanted was a bottle of liquor. Beer wasn’t strong enough, because I drank to black out and forget. Before too long, I was drinking a half-gallon of vodka every day. I hated myself, and everything I had become. It was a vicious cycle. I would wake up, look in the mirror and see a monster. My solution was to drink until I forgot about that monster. Sun up to sun down, over and over, all day.

I could manage to get my children off to school before passing out. Then I would wake up an hour later and do it all over again. I put them and my husband through hell and back; more than a couple of times.

One night while drinking I fell. I was in a drunken stupor, and just got up to pass out in bed. The next morning, my kids tried to wake me and could not, so they woke up their dad. I was convulsing and had shit my pants.

I was unresponsive. I was at Death’s door, and a call was placed to 911.

As it turns out, I had given myself subdural hematoma. They had to remove a quarter of my skull. They told my husband to bring the kids and say their goodbyes. I was in a coma for weeks and had to learn how to do everything again.

Thanks to God, I made a complete recovery but I still drank when I got out of the hospital and for another year. I kept trying to get sober but never made it very long.

That is, until July 30, 2013.

I can’t explain it, but everything made sense for the first time. I like to call it my “grace from God.” I am sober now, I have let the past go, and I can now live Life on Life’s terms. Next month I will celebrate my first whole year clean and sober!!!! I have built a great relationship with my kids and husband. I live life and all that comes with it now. Happiness is not even a big enough word to explain how I feel.

I am truly lucky to be alive, and I am blessed.

This brave post was submitted by Kelly.

original photo credit: Chad McDonald via photopin cc

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  1. So inspired, Kelly! You are a gift!

  2. What an amazing story Kelly! Thank you so much so sharing and giving hope to others that it can be done! Your truly a miracle and I’m so glad you have joined our group! Many blessings to you and your family:)

  3. From one Kelly to another, you are amazing!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂 🙂 I will celebrate along with you next month!! 🙂

  4. What an amazing story of hope, strength, and secong chances! I myself believe in angels, and your guardian angel was with you that day and helped you through back to your family! Thank you for sharing your story <3

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