I Had a Miscarriage in Recovery and I Am Not Okay

I had a miscarriage. I was pregnant and then I wasn’t; just like that. We swore we didn’t want anymore kids, and then life seemed to fall into place. We thought about the possibility, when the time was… Read More

Abandonment and Alcoholism

I have never seen my mother’s face. If she passed me on the street, I wouldn’t know her. All I have of her is a short description from the year I was born; early 20s – 5’3” –… Read More

HOLIDAYS SUCK the life out of me

The good news? The holidays are coming! The bad news? The holidays are coming! Holidays suck. Every year they suck the life out of me. I’m clean and sober, and others in my life are not. While they… Read More

My Life Revolves Around Drinking

I watched my mother die shortly after Midnight on September 18, 2014. She was an alcoholic. She was also my best friend. She turned 65 while in the hospital, just four days before she died. I don’t remember… Read More

An Unselfish Act: What happens when a mother realizes regaining full custody isn’t the solution

“I fucking HATE being honest with myself when it comes to shit that really matters.“ That’s how it started; the most difficult email I’ve ever written. I remember having to squint through endless tears to even see well… Read More