Unpacking the Suitcase Days: Healing Through Grief

My mother passed away peacefully right before Christmas. Me and my sister were present. I want to thank every one of you in the Sober Mommies community who took the time to reach out to me personally. It… Read More

I Lost an Amazing Friend and Found Sobriety

I read an article about Chrissy Teigen on Buzzfeed recently, and it really stuck with me. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a model, has a hilarious Twitter (@chrissyteigen) and is married to John Legend. I don’t… Read More

My Mother is Dying, and I Don’t Want to Use

My relationship with my mother has always been challenging. My mother was an alcoholic and I was raised by my father. There was no hatred between us – she just wasn’t there. I learned as an adult that… Read More

I Had a Miscarriage in Recovery and I Am Not Okay

I had a miscarriage. I was pregnant and then I wasn’t; just like that. We swore we didn’t want anymore kids, and then life seemed to fall into place. We thought about the possibility, when the time was… Read More

Abandonment and Alcoholism

I have never seen my mother’s face. If she passed me on the street, I wouldn’t know her. All I have of her is a short description from the year I was born; early 20s – 5’3” –… Read More