9 Reasons I Want To Drink After Seventeen Years of Sobriety

There’s something almost magical about coming up for air after the long winter months, hiding under the heavy blanket of seasonal depression. There is a part of me – even after 17 years of sobriety – that whispers… Read More

Sobriety Changed Me

I’m a recovering alcoholic. While active in my addiction, I wasn’t a very good mom. Truth be told, I wasn’t a very good person. There was a time I never thought I could make it 24 hours sober,… Read More

Sober Mommies I Got Sober Today

I Got Sober Today

I got sober today.   Sixteen years ago today, I held up the white flag of surrender. I admitted that my addiction was beating the shit out of me, and I wanted out of the ring. I left… Read More

Dear God…

Dear God, I won’t ever drink again. I’m enveloped in a desert of darkness. I have morphed into a black hole. I am not asleep. I am not awake. I am in total blackness. Pain sears through my… Read More

I Didn’t Need To Change

When I first started attending a 12-step program, people told me in order to stay sober, I had to “change the person I brought in.”  They said the way to do that was by taking the 12 steps…. Read More