Does Pride Have A Place In Recovery?

Where’s the line between healthy pride in how far you’ve come and sinister pride that sneaks up and sabotages recovery?

I Gave Up Custody So I Could Get Well

I was really in deep denial about my motives for this regaining custody. I thought I was doing it for my daughter, but that was bullshit.

I Drank in Moderation Until Mental Illness Intruded

I drank in moderation until after a second pregnancy. The medication wasn’t working. Nothing was working. I drank because…I could.

We Can Be Better

It’s frustrating to me on so many levels that we have become a society that believes wine is the cure for a long day, a hard mom day, a lot of laundry day, a sad day, a happy day, or just any day.

I Didn’t Think #MeToo Included Me

As the movement started, I watched as women declared #MeToo and found strength in each other. Even though I related to their stories, I felt left out.