I Got Sober and Had NO Idea Who I Was

When I got sober, I had no idea how to process and understand my feelings. I had no clear defined goals. I could not identify my wants or needs. I had no voice. In active addiction I became… Read More

The Weight of Surviving

“You are so strong.” “You are such a survivor.” “You must be so thankful to have come through so much.” It was an innocent enough start to a conversation with a family member this week and yet those… Read More

Your Messy Guts Matter

“Nope. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe you’ll matter enough tomorrow.” A friend posted this on Facebook today, regarding something she’s going through — something she’s been going through, and it hit me hard. People commented, poured out love,… Read More

I Am in Recovery, and I Use Marijuana

I am in recovery, and I use marijuana. I want to place a “but” in between those two statements, because I feel like I should. I feel like I should use the word “but” because the box labeled… Read More

10 Ways to Prepare for and Walk Through Cravings During the Holidays

I never know when my triggers will hit or when a craving will take over my day. It can be the sun shining or the rain pouring, it can be receiving good news or bad. For me, anything… Read More