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The Lies We Tell

I grew up in a good home in a pretty rough town and attended a large high school. I did drink and smoke pot in high school, but had a separate group of friends that I did that… Read More

Sobriety Is Not Always Going To Be Easy

Hilarious. I’m heading down the ramp to my flight terminal and walk past the Boston Beer Works sign. My first thought? Ugh, That would be nice right now. What? I’m on my way to California to see the… Read More

A Moment of Truth

This holiday season has been the best I have had in years. So good, in fact, that when my mother suggested we all go ice skating, I never gave it a second thought. It’s been almost four years… Read More

The Stigma Around Methadone Maintenance is Dangerous

Through my early career in addictions, I avoided recommending methadone maintenance treatment because I was caught up in the stigma around it.