I’ve Tried, But I’m Not Ready To Stop Drinking

I’m grateful for this website even though I don’t belong here yet. I’m grateful that I can feel like a part of your stories even if I’m holding a drink while reading them.

Comparison is a Thief

Comparison is a thief – it robs us of the ability to embrace our achievements and see ourselves in a positive light.

Sober Mommies - I Was Pregnant & I Couldn't Stop Using Drugs

I Was Pregnant and Couldn’t Stop Using Drugs

I was 23 years old, pregnant, and hopeless. I had no money, no food, no clean clothes, and I was homeless. I had no idea who the father of my baby was. I felt there was no way… Read More

I’m Two Years Sober, and I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

“Congratulations! Where are you celebrating?” Just a few days ago, I quietly acknowledged my two year sober anniversary with a “congrats” from my partner and a few Facebook posts from close friends who are also in recovery. Then… Read More

I Hit Rock Bottom

I’m an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery. I have not had a mind-altering substance since May 22, 2000. This is the greatest fact of my life; more than the 22 years I have been married or the… Read More