The Truth About Recovery

Last week, I came across an article by The Recovery Society entitled, “The Truth About Suboxone Abuse.” At first I was intrigued by the title, as it suggests it might contain evidence-based facts about Suboxone abuse. I was… Read More

Subutex and Suboxone Saved My Life

When I was a child I had big dreams. I wanted to be a teacher. Then as a teen I decided culinary arts was my passion. Of course, like most of us, my dreams never come true. Instead,… Read More

I Got High With My Mother

My story is anything but typical. I was raised in a very good home with my mom and my older brother. I lived a normal lifestyle; I lived comfortably, didn’t struggle, and got along with my mom. I… Read More

My Recovery Baby Was Born Dependent

I suffered periods of opioid addiction for eight years. In the end, there were more bad  times than good ones. At first I could stop cold turkey and reel myself in, but the last time I tried to… Read More

I Believe In Methadone Treatment

My name is Adam and I am not a sober mom. I have, however, been working in the addiction field for more than a decade. Throughout these years I have worked in numerous types of treatment facilities. I… Read More