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I Am Not A “Junkie”

“Drunk,” “junkie”, “crackhead”, “stoner”, “dope fiend”, “pill popper”, and “coke head”. These words used to easily roll off my tongue when I was using.

It’s Okay To Be Human In Recovery

I want to make it clear that it is not my intention to bash 12-step programs; I love them. I’ve been an active member of one since the day I got clean. I’m grateful for every suggestion I’ve ever received,… Read More

I Am A Perfectionist: I Did Everything to Excess

I always prided myself on giving 110%. Unfortunately, that “giving it 110%” attitude also spilled into my substance abuse.

Sober Mommies I Will Not Survive This Alone

I Won’t Survive This Alone

When I started the meds, I had no experience with opiates, and no knowledge of what they could do. I didn’t know anything about addiction.

Sober Mommies I Have Anxiety And Depression #recovery #mentalhealth

I Have Anxiety And Depression

“I have anxiety and depression.” ~ I used to say those words every time I met with a new physician.