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The Recovery Community is Not A Pick-Up Joint

On my local radio station, a man claimed to have “banged” three women fresh out of rehab, within days of attending his first meeting.

Nine Books To Read On Your Recovery Journey: A Sober Book List

When asked for sober suggestions, you know, things that help keep us sober, the list could go on and on. Usually, there are suggestions for fitness, fellowship, and self-care, but the suggestion I almost always overlook is reading…. Read More

I Am Not A “Junkie”

“Drunk,” “junkie”, “crackhead”, “stoner”, “dope fiend”, “pill popper”, and “coke head”. These words used to easily roll off my tongue when I was using.

Sober Mommies I Wonder If People Think I Should Have Died

Addiction Does Not Discriminate…

Addiction does not discriminate. You are fooling yourself if you think not me, or not my kid.

Sometimes even when we win, we lose. #motherood #drugaddiction #recovery

I Thought Rehab Would Save My Marriage: I Still Lost My Family

Some people stop using and get everything back, but it doesn’t happen for everyone. That was not my experience.