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I Got Clean and Lost My Family

“You can’t come home.” Those words shocked the heck out of me. I had gone in an Emergency Room looking for drugs again, and had actually needed surgery. I didn’t get my drugs on the street. My “dealer”… Read More

She is an Addict

She is 5’3”, 145 pounds, dressed in business casual, and has curly hair. She drives to work in her black mini van, lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring her kids to work with her. For the last… Read More

That Girl Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

I met my significant other during the last two years of my active drug addiction, so he has seen me behave pretty badly. He was the one standing next to me apologizing for my behavior while we were… Read More

I Don’t Like To Feel

Sober Mommies I Don't Like To Feel #recovery #stress

I remember learning about the obsession and compulsion cycle when I first came into recovery, and writing extensively about it. Not being able to think about anything other than the object of my obsession for hours and hours,… Read More

Fear Of The Unknown

Sober Mommies A collection of submissions from non-professionals – in and out of recovery – with reality-based experience to share – about motherhood & active addiction, the multiple pathways to recovery, and also about what it’s like to… Read More