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Tag: Parenting

7 Tips for Surviving your Child’s Math Homework

The dreaded math homework: Cue the sweats, the expanding pit in the stomach, the preemptive anxiety attack, and the knowledge that one or both of you will be crying soon.

Raising a Teen with Mental Illness While in Recovery

I’ve been sober six years. I’ve often faced hardships, but nothing has challenged my sobriety, sanity, or mom guilt as much as watching my teen daughter struggle with her own mental illness. She was such an easy tween… Read More

6 Hard Truths About Motherhood

I finally had to accept some hard truths about myself as a mother. #1- My kid is not my world. I know…harsh right? But I believe that she enriches my life and I hers, and it’s ok for… Read More

Perfect In My Imperfection

Recovery work often includes a lot of self-examination. How did I get to this place? What factors influenced my addiction? What do I need to do to heal? The beauty is that there are so many different ways… Read More