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Tag: trauma and recovery

I Was Drunk…But I Didn’t Deserve What Happened

I was drunk. I was in no fit state to give consent, or to be a competent participant in what happened. My addiction left me vulnerable.

I’m Not Ashamed to Be Mentally Ill

Kudos to me for no longer self-medicating and getting help, but nobody really needs to hear the details of my mental illness, right? Recovery is supposed to be a happy place.

The Space We All Deserve – Sober Mommies

“There is strength in numbers.” I’ve probably used that phrase a million times to explain the possibilities of WE. There is far more than just strength in numbers, I have learned, and although the exact number doesn’t matter… Read More

It Wasn’t Always Easy

Before I got sober, every single relationship in my life suffered. I believe it was due to my inability to think about you; mostly because I was so wrapped up in fear of what you thought of me…. Read More