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The Best Apology

It’s February 2004 and I’m sitting outside of my Aunts house in Marietta. My life is a mess, and the prognosis is not hopeful.

Sometimes “Coparenting” Just Isn’t Possible

A positive co-parenting relationship is not possible if the only one parent is putting in an effort. I am unapologetically done trying to co-parent.

A Letter to the Abuser who Nearly Destroyed Me

When we met, the abuser in you must have been able to see my vulnerability and deep need for love a mile off. I was desperate for love, for attention, and for someone to tell me they thought I was beautiful.

My Husband has a Drinking Problem–Ask A Sober Mom

“I am approaching a year of sobriety and I feel great, but before I hit six months I found out my husband and I are expecting a baby. This was a total surprise, but after the initial shock… Read More

Dating–Do I Really Have To?

I am facing a new challenge in my recovery, and I think it might be the scariest one yet. At 45 years old, and after 4 years single, I am now ready to venture into the world of… Read More