Why is Anonymity in Recovery So Confusing?

There’s nothing better than sharing a personal recovery story on social media and having someone comment with a friendly reminder about anonymity with a winky face. 😉 Perhaps it’s assumed I’m so excited about the amazing life I get to live because of… Read More

I Feel More Alone Sober

I am new to abstinence. I am in “early recovery.” Before I began my much needed quest for sobriety, I felt alone — isolated from my peers in their sober world. This world has no drinks; or is… Read More

“Motherhood in Recovery” is Inclusive

A few weeks ago, I was asked to speak on an upcoming, six-person panel for my 12-step community. The theme of the panel is “Motherhood in Recovery.” I agreed without a thought, because I’ve been taught to never… Read More

I’m Struggling with Postpartum Depression in Recovery

I am struggling with postpartum depression in recovery, coupled with anxiety. I did not come to this conclusion on my own. I fought it TOOTH AND NAIL. I was convinced that “okay” was just around the corner. If… Read More

Sparing a Motherless Daughter

I did not go to my first 12-step meeting to stop drinking. I did not go because I wanted a better life. I didn’t even go for me. I’m an alcoholic. I was good at drinking. If you… Read More