My Mother is Dying, and I Don’t Want to Use

My relationship with my mother has always been challenging. My mother was an alcoholic and I was raised by my father. There was no hatred between us – she just wasn’t there. I learned as an adult that… Read More

Sober Mommies I Tried To End My Life

I Tried to End My Life and It Didn’t Work

“I’m here because I tried to end my life and it didn’t work.”
The words flew out of my mouth before I felt the weight of their meaning, and I fought back tears once it came.
I am here for so many reasons, but my life restarted the day after I tried to end it — the day I decided it was maybe worth living. The day I realized that ending my life would mean leaving her behind.

I Had a Miscarriage in Recovery and I Am Not Okay

I had a miscarriage. I was pregnant and then I wasn’t; just like that. We swore we didn’t want anymore kids, and then life seemed to fall into place. We thought about the possibility, when the time was… Read More

I Didn’t Feel Anything

**Trigger Warning: childhood sexual abuse** I laid there, staring at the ceiling; wondering how my life had become this way. I knew in my head I should feel sad, but I didn’t feel anything. I felt numb. I… Read More

Sober Mommies I Was Shamed Into Sobriety After I Was Sexually Assaulted *trigger warning* #rapeculture #victimblaming #alcohol

I Was Shamed Into Sobriety After I Was Sexually Assaulted

**Trigger Warning**   When I was 24, I was raped. “Because I was drunk, I blamed myself.” I don’t remember the details. I remember bits and pieces – walking up the steps to his apartment, a room full… Read More