I Got Sober and Had NO Idea Who I Was

When I got sober, I had no idea how to process and understand my feelings. I had no clear defined goals. I could not identify my wants or needs. I had no voice. In active addiction I became… Read More

The Weight of Surviving

“You are so strong.” “You are such a survivor.” “You must be so thankful to have come through so much.” It was an innocent enough start to a conversation with a family member this week and yet those… Read More

I Found Myself on a Yoga Mat

“One of the lessons Yoga gives us is acceptance. It teaches that you can improve, but you first have to find acceptance with where you are now.” It took me a really long time to admit to myself… Read More

Guess What? I’m Still Faking It – Waiting to Make It.

She’s to be admired and respected. Her inspiring story, confidence, and surety. She’s financially secure, emotionally stable, and seemingly ready for anything. She is well read and well rounded, non-judgemental, and spilling over with wisdom. Always ready with a… Read More

Unpacking the Suitcase Days: Healing Through Grief

My mother passed away peacefully right before Christmas. Me and my sister were present. I want to thank every one of you in the Sober Mommies community who took the time to reach out to me personally. It… Read More