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Tag: Alcoholism

I Have Never Seen My Mother’s Face

I have never seen my mother’s face. If she passed on the street, I wouldn’t know. All I have is a physical description of her from when I was born.

Undiagnosed ADHD Caused My Alcoholism

I could never understand why I couldn’t seem to function in what was even a basic level of normal for most people. Now I know it was ADHD.

Finding Balance in Recovery Isn’t Easy

Balance was a foreign concept for Rose before she got sober. Practice doesn’t always make perfect in recovery.

Saved by Yoga, Again

I have writing to help me get my thoughts and emotions out. I have people around me who will love and support me through it. And I have yoga.

Inspirational SoberMommies: Clean Life. Clean Home.

Here at SoberMommies, we like to highlight the stories of our sober sisters, to help paint a picture of recovery in all its forms. The first inspirational woman we’d like to share is Melissa Johnson, founder of Oklahoma’s Clean Life. Clean Home.