I’m Sober, and I Still Love Getting Wasted

 *this post contains sponsored material*   I love getting wasted.  I love the way it makes me feel, and the instant relief I get just having a glass or bottle in my hand — even before it touches my lips…. Read More

Be SMART & Find Recovery

I tried to get sober for the first time in December of 2014. I was miserable and hated myself and what my life had become. One Monday I found myself walking down a short hallway feeling like it… Read More

10 Tips For A Sane And Sober Summer

For some reason, summer always strikes me as a tough season to stay sober. Maybe because of the energy it brings, or the increased number of cook-outs and drinking that goes on. Granted, I didn’t need the summer… Read More

Recovery Is NOT A Competition

As part of my recovery process, I was asked to look up the word “recover.” I had used this word many times in my life, but its meaning in the dictionary was an eye opener. “To return to… Read More

Please Don’t “Should” On My Life

Every time I hear the word “should,” I am reminded of a woman I knew years ago. She had way more sobriety than I did, way more life experience than I did, and the only time she ever… Read More